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How much ride time should my battery operated toy get?

Depending on the weight of the child/children and the terrain of the ground, anywhere from 1-3 hours is normal. We recommend keeping a spare battery on hand for extra ride time.


How much weight can my basket on my stroller hold?

The basket is meant to hold light weight items such as blankets, a medium sized diaper bag and other light items.


How long do I charge my battery?

When you first get your battery you must give it an initial charge of 18-24 hours. After the toy has been ridden for the day or if it's getting slow and sluggish, you always want to charge it for 18-24 hours. If the toy is not in use, charge the battery 18-24 hours once a month, to keep it good.


My stroller squeaks when I am pushing it, what can I do to stop it?

You can use any kind of silicone spray. (Do NOT use WD-40). Spray the silicone spray along the axles that hold your wheel assemblies on. We recommended you do this every 30 days to keep your stroller in top shape.


How much weight can my stroller or highchair hold?

All of our single highchairs hold 45lbs. The Book, Book Plus, Book Pop-Up and Booklet can hold 50 lbs. All other single strollers hold up to 45 lbs. If you have a twin or a triple stroller it will hold 45lbs per seat.


What do I do if I have a problem with my product that I can’t solve myself?

You can call our customer service department at 1-800-671-1701. Customer service hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm Eastern time.


How do I wash my seat upholstery for my stroller or highchair?

All of our seat upholstery for our strollers and highchairs are HAND WASH only. Clean it with water and a mild soap. Do not submerge your high chair upholstery in water.


Do I need to send in my warranty card?

Yes. Your warranty card registers your product for warranty, and if we would happen to have a recall on your product that is how we would notify you.


If I bought my product in another country can I buy spare parts or get service from the USA?

Yes, on selected products.  All countries have different standards they need to meet; however our parts will at times interchange with other countries.  It’s best to contact customer service (1-800-671-1701) to make this determination.


Do I have a warranty? How long is it for?

All Peg Perego product are covered under warranty. For baby items (including Car Seats, Strollers and High Chairs) and Child Bike Seats, there is a two year warranty. Click here for more information: http://pegperegousa.com/baby/warranty. For Children's Riding Vehicles, we also offer a 2 year warranty, but consumer participation is required. Click here for more information: http://pegperegousa.com/toys/warranty.