Ducati Hypercross

Ducati Hypercross

Get ready for unforgettable adventures with the Ducati Hypercross!

The Hypercross provides speed and thrills, while being easy to ride. Removable training wheels are included for young drivers who still need a bit of practice. Turn the accelerator on the handlebar to get the Hypercross going up to two speeds: 2 ½ mph and 5 mph. The handles are lined with non-slip rubber and wraparound hand guards to protect hands and fingers.

Riders can pack the supplies they need for their adventures in the three rear trunks, two of which can be removed. A play toolkit can be found within the main trunk, which includes screwdriver, hammer, wrench and ratchet. The wheels of the Ducati Hypercross are rubberized with grips and allow the motorbike to take on all types of terrain. A powerful horn lets driver alert others when they are riding through. When the Hypercross is not in use, an iron kickstand keeps it in place until the next ride.

Let them keep the fun going with the included 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger. If you’re looking for a faster way to longer fun, check out our 12-volt quick charger, which charges the vehicle in 2 hours! Made in Italy.

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Ducati Hypercross at a Glance:

Ages 3 and up
2-Speeds 2.5 to 5 mph on grass, dirt or hard surfaces (5 mph lockout for beginners)
Wheels Rubberized wheels with off-road rubber tread that offer stability on any terrain
Training Wheels Removable for beginning riders
Handlebars Include accelerator and ant-slip rubber handles
Sounds Working horn
Trunks 3 rear trunks included to store and transport goods
Tools Includes toolkit with screwdriver, hammer, wrench and ratchet
Brake Independent mechanical drum brakes
Stickers Accessorize the rear trunks with exclusive Ducati stickers
Power Up 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger included
Weight Capacity 66 lbs
Extended Warranty Free 2nd year Warranty extension with consumer participation.

Made in Italy

Specification Value
Width 25.75"
Length 46.25"
Height 34.25"
Weight 40.5 lbs
An extended two year warranty is available to consumers who complete the online registration or turn in registration form attached to the product warranty.
  Title Manual Code File Size Download
d Ducati Hypercross Use and Care Manual 1.75 MB