Traveling with Baby

A Few Tips from Parents In-The-Know!

Traveling is tough. Planning a trip, packing bags and then putting all of your faith into an airport/airline carrier to get you to your destination can be nerve-wracking for anyone. Not to mention if you are traveling long hours by car. Throw a baby into the experience and you may be second-guessing why you are taking the trip in the first place.

The good news is that you are not in this alone! We all have our struggles with traveling with baby, and with trials and tribulations come knowledge. This is why we asked our community of friends (not Peggies!) to chime in with their tips on traveling with baby. Take a look below to read some of their responses…

We drive at night when we road trip with our baby. That way he sleeps through the traveling. #pegtalk – @abbys_inspirations

Less is more! Stay in a hotel with a washing machine and dryer!! You already have enough to handle with a stroller and car seat! #pegtalk - @zoemagid

Bring lots and lots of diapers and wipes for 'surprises'. Also extra clothes and also toys and books to keep the baby entertained. Bring along the baby's favorite thing like her smelly blanket so that she feels at home. #PegTalk – Jeevon Kay

My tip when taking a long road trip is to map out stops. The worst thing is a major diaper blow out and you have no idea where the next gas station or rest stop is!! #PegTalk – Terry Maigi

If you have a smaller baby, try to make sure if the airplane gives a bassinet. My airline gave a bassinet for my infant; I just had to book it while booking my ticket. You cannot hold your baby the whole time even while sleeping. So it was relaxing when he was sleeping because I put him in the bassinet and enjoyed my flight. #PegTalk – Alina Kere

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