Say “Ciao!” to the Travel Booster!

The Rialto goes wherever you go...

Summer travel is in full swing and we’ve got exactly what you need to get your little one ready for mealtime anywhere. Our Rialto Booster Chair is the perfect travel companion for the on the go family. Take a look below to find out why this compact booster should be in every family’s travel bag…

Compact Fold

One of the most important reasons why the Rialto is perfect for travel is because of its ability to be folded completely flat. At just six pounds and with a built-in carry handle, there’s really no reason NOT to take the Rialto wherever you travel.

Carrying Bag Included

Need help transporting the Rialto? No problem! It comes with its very own travel bag, allowing for easy-to-use storage and access.

Multiple Height Positions

There’s no telling what the dinner table situation will be like at different hotel rooms and restaurants. With the Rialto, your little one has access to five different height adjustments – bringing them closer or further away to the table at your convenience. A removable tray also gives littles easy access to their favorite foods.

Easy to Clean

Keeping the Rialto clean is a breeze thanks to its Prima Classe upholstery. Just wipe down with a warm rag and you’re good to go.

Make room for more memories and adventure by keeping mealtime simple with the Rialto!

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