No Tricks, Just Treats: Our Tips for a Happy Halloween

Of all the holidays with little ones, Halloween might just be our favorite. Who can resist a miniature pirate, fairy princess or lil’ pumpkin? But as parents, we know Halloween isn’t all adorable photo ops and buckets full of candy. There’s staying up past bedtime, sugar overloads and yes, sometimes even the occasional Halloween-induced tantrum.

So how can you keep your little one happy this Halloween? We’re so glad you asked …

Our first piece of advice is to make sure your little one is comfortable for a night of trick-or-treating. Of course this means making sure their costume isn’t itchy or scratchy or too hot (or not warm enough). But this also extends to how your little one is getting around for the night.

If your little one is under 2, or even 3, we suggest seriously considering taking your everyday stroller. Even if your child starts out strong, they very well may peter out before the night is over, and a familiar stroller can provide a welcomed rest. We love full-featured strollers for big events, such as the Switch Four, Skate System and Uno.

If you have older children, we still recommend considering a stroller. A lightweight stroller, like our Pliko Mini, is a great choice for older toddlers. If you have multiple little ones, consider taking along your Switch Four or Pliko Four. Both have a rear footboard for an older sibling to hitch a ride.

If you plan on driving your trick-or-treat route, be sure to secure baby and all children in their car seats/seat belts each and every time you move the car. While the slow pace may make it seem as though ordinary travel rules no longer apply, that’s simply not true. Always keep little ones strapped in and secure when moving, even if it’s just a short distance.

If you and baby are planning to stay home to pass out candy, we’ve always found that putting a bouncer, high chair or bassinet near the front door is a good idea. If you have our Siesta or Tatamia, add the available toy bar to keep baby entertained. Baby will enjoy having a comfortable, fun place to be to watch all the trick-or-treat action from a safe and familiar spot.

From our family to yours, have a happy — and safe — Halloween! And don’t forget to share you pictures with us on Facebook. We love seeing our littlest fans!

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