Break Out the Bike (Seats!)

With the weather taking a turn for the warmer (we hope!) in most of the country, it’s safe to say that bike season is just around the corner. And what makes a bike ride even better? Riding with the whole family! Our line of child bike seats allows you to take your little one for a safe ride, while keeping them close.

If you want to keep an eye on your child while riding, check out the Orion. It is our front-mounted seat, which means it attaches to the head tube of your bicycle. The mount that comes with the Orion has been designed to be configured to many different head tube designs on a bicycle, making it compatible with a wide range of bikes. A removable gate and adjustable footrests allow the Orion to grow with your child.

The fun doesn’t end there! We have three models of rear-mounted seats that easily attach to bicycle frames between 28mm – 40mm. The Eggy, is our entry model and is available in three stylish colors. Its egg-like design keeps kids comfortable and safe, while allowing them to enjoy the ride. Next up is the 10+. This bike seat has a sleek design and can recline, even while your child is seated. It is equipped with ABS (Automatic Barycenter System) which maintains the center of gravity, regardless of the angle of the back seat. Finally, our Sirius model includes a unique folding feature that lets you take it almost anywhere. It can also be reclined and is equipped with an easy to use turn-knob.

All of our child bike seats include an easy mount system, which allows for “one-click” installation. This makes it easy to add or remove the seat from the bike very quickly. Our child bike seats also have adjustable footrests, safety harnesses, thermoformed/weather-proof padding, and an advanced suspension system that keeps the ride smooth.

The entire Peg Perego child bike seat line is available for purchase at

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