Agio Z3


The Z3 is the sleek three-wheel stroller with an elegant touch. Conquer all types of terrain with this unique stroller. Comfort and style paired with extreme functionality to create the ultimate outdoor ride. The Z3 details will not go unnoticed, giving the clean, polished style.


Stroll anywhere in style with the Z3. Three large, high-performance wide-tread wheels allow the stroller to conquer all types of terrain with ease. The ball bearings and suspensions give baby a comfortable and smooth ride over rough surfaces. Sophisticated, yet durable, fabrics complement the stylish design of the Z3. The bumper bar and handle are outfitted with soft caramel accents while the large hood expands for extra protection.



The Z3 has built-in anchors that allow it to turn into a travel system with the matching Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nidocar seat, without the need for adapters. It has the unique Book fold, which allows it to be closed inward, keeping the upholstery clean, and it also stands alone when folded. A large, accessible storage basket gives parents the opportunity to store all the necessities.


PREMIUM CHASSIS Can fold inward “like a book” with just one hand
SOFT RIDE Three high-performance wide-tread wheels equipped with
eight ball bearings and suspensions to allow for greater maneuverability and
comfortable riding.
REMOTE FRONT SWIVEL CONTROL  Allows parents to swivel or
straighten wheel without having to bend over and touch front wheel.
TRAVEL SYSTEM COMPATIBLE Travel System-compatible with the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido
infant car seat. Accepts car seat directly on to chassis, without the
need for adapters.
EASY CLOSE Innovative design allows for quick, easy and compact fold.
BASKET Large, practical and easy-loading storage basket that holds all of
the necessities.
RECLINE The seat has multiple recline positions, including a flat recline for
ONE-PIECE HANDLE Allows for easy push with just one hand and can be
modified to fit each parent’s height preferences.
BUMPER BAR Front bumper bar hinges open for easy access to child.
Outfitted in “Prima Classe” material.
LARGE EXPANDABLE HOOD Keep baby protected with the large hood.
FASHION FORWARD Upholstered with a variety of fashionable collections,
in materials that will keep child comfortable.
MADE IN ITALY All Peg Perego baby products are Made in Italy. From
concept to creation, every step in the process is performed by Peg Perego
and no one else.
Specification Value
Stroller Dimensions (Open) 42" x 24.75" x 44.75"
Stroller Dimensions (Closed) 24.75" x 36.25" x 15"
Weight 22.05 lbs.
Constructed with a strong, yet lightweight, aluminum chassis. Provides a solid base for controlled movement and stability.
Designed to close with ease and very little force. This stroller can even be folded with just one hand.
Wheels with ball bearings and suspensions allow for 360 degree agility and less effort in pushing. The built-in suspensions allow for more stability and maneuverability when pushing the stroller.
Tested and approved for children from birth. The seat can recline multiple positions, adding to the comfort of child on long journeys.
  Title Manual Code File Size Download
d Book Cross Use and Care Manual FINA1602I220 2.64 MB